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My Gay Cash Revamps Hosted Blogs And RSS Feeds With A New Tube-Style BLOG

Added: January 16, 2010


Press release


My Gay Cash Revamps Hosted Blogs And RSS Feeds With A New Tube-Style BLOG

Montreal, Canada, January 15th 2010 , My Gay Cash is happy to announce the launch of

‘’This new site will be replacing all of our current hosted blogs as there is currently one for each of our pay sites. Milk Your Bone can be marketed either as a tube site or a blog site since it appears to be a tube site but is actually based on Wordpress and offers all the features of a regular blog including pictures for each post in addition to a video and text.’’ Said Roger McMan managing partner at My Gay Cash

Improved Pictures

Previously there was typically only one large picture and a number of thumbnails on each blog post. Now there are a variety of pictures in a collage. This greatly enhances the look of each blog post. And we still support our narrow RSS feed because two sizes of each picture are saved - no CSS hacks are necessary to use the narrow feed.

Support For Your Current Links

While we suggest you migrate your current links to the new blog, none of your current links will break. As we migrate the old blogs to the new site we will redirect the traffic to the new blog. So for example, the Alpha Male Fuckers blog will be migrated to the Alpha Male Fuckers page on Milk Your Bone.

RSS Feeds

All of the features of the current RSS feeds will be supported. The feeds still come in two widths - 640 and 400 pixels, just as they do now. And all of your existing feed URLs should continue to work (though we encourage you to migrate them to the URLs for the new site). The one thing to note is that if you’re currently using category specific RSS feeds these will be redirected to more general feeds. So previously you could get a Latino feed for Bareback That Hole. Now, the Latino feed will be for all sites, not one particular site.

One exciting new feature is greatly expanding tagging. So if you want a feed of guys in jockstraps, There’s a feed for that. If you want a feed of guys with beards, There’s a feed for that. In fact there’s a feed for every category and tag on the site - just add /feed to the end of the URL in your browser (followed by ?aff=XXX with your affiliate ID). This is perfect for people with automated niche blogs. If we missed a niche you’re interested in, just let us know and we’ll start tagging appropriate posts.



For more information

Bianca MGC, My Gay Cash

ICQ: 446-460-597








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