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Newswire Release Rules

Important Rules:
  • All submissions are moderated by admin.
  • Posting must be written by you/your company.
  • No shorties or one liners, must be at least 200 words long.
  • Must be related to adult-webmasters/xxx - entertainment internet industry.
  • Do not submit the same article twice. Submitting something already approved will get both deleted.
  • Proper grammar, punctuation, spelling, and english required. At least 2-3+ paragraphs recommended.
  • Links allowed in body of bulletin. (please do not link excessively 2-3 links max)
  • Reciprocal Link Required. For each News/Release you submit you must provide a reciprocal link to one of our partner sites. Main Page or Resources/Link Page OK.
    Please Recip Link to Partner Site:

Please contact us here for press release submissions.

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