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Credit Card Processing Options for Adult Websites

Added: May 25, 2011

Few, if any, local banks are willing to handle credit card transactions for adult stores or xxx websites. Even in-person adult entertainment venues like strip clubs or toy stores have a difficult time getting the services they need at a traditional bank. That's why these businesses typically seek out better solutions who work with high risk merchants. There are many ways in which a merchant account can help adult businesses to be successful. First, membership sites benefit from easy renewals when they are able to store their customers' credit card information and charge it on a monthly or yearly basis as required by the terms of the site. Rather than waiting for their members to come back and resubmit their info - as they would have to do if they were paying by check or money order (or even using other online money services) - you simply bill them according to your terms. This will lead to fewer cancelled subscriptions even from users who aren't active on the site any longer. Your business will also enjoy increased revenue from add-on purchases and impulsive customers. Whether you are selling adult toys or offering cam sessions or chats, your customers will pay more if they can do it with an easily accessible credit card. Accepting high risk payments is simple. Adult merchant solutions are able to help you not only process Visa and Mastercard but also seamlessly integrate payment options into your website for a user-friendly experience. Transaction rates will vary, of course, but porn and sex toy merchant service companies can offer low rates for online payment processing. A reputable merchant bank can help you evaluate your options, determine the best choices for your business, and also negotiate lower fees or better contract terms. Applying for an adult credit card processor account is quick, and requires just a few pieces of key information about your website or store. Experienced professionals can help you get set up within a few days, and they'll make sure that your business is PCI compliant so you never have to worry about being shut down or delayed. Start accepting payments and watch your adult empire grow!

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