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[Submit Press Release] Announces Launch

Added: February 13, 2010 is a freelance job site that caters specifically to the unique business needs of the Adult Porn Industry.  Understanding that talented and respected marketing professionals are incredibly difficult to find, reinforces its commitment and freelance work specialization to the Adult Industry by allowing only adult industry appropriate projects to be posted and only adult industry employers and contractors to utilize the site.  A testament to the $100 billion a year adult industry market, has created virtual worksite, attesting to the quality and quantity of work that is available to qualified marketing and web professionals in the adult industry. 

Intent on providing employers with the most experienced, talented and diverse set of prospective contractors that specialize in the promotion, marketing and management of the websites of the adult porn industry, is an all-inclusive site for employers looking to build a team of one or more and as many short-term or long term projects as needed.  In addition, with the opportunity provided by the online platform, employers have the chance to find and retain the best Adult Industry Marketing professional talent in the world, with minimal effort, NO fees and maximum results. offers incredible flexibility and security for prospective employers.  Employers have the opportunity to post a variety of projects with various budgets, timelines and in turn receive bids from a number of qualified professionals such as Adult graphic designers, copywriters, Adult website designers, programmers and more. From photographers to videographers employers can find a fully integrated team qualified to provide adult porn content for the web.  In addition, employers can also search for providers that have the skill set they require to fill a project, be it programming knowledge, social media or writing skills.

Employers save time, money and stress by utilizing the many services that offers.  Instead of searching multiple sites for candidates that can provide one marketing service or another, then negotiating a pay rate and then confirming completing of a task, provides one location for all contractors. Prospective employers can easily track awarded projects, billable hours and even put together 1-person or multiple person teams as needed for each project.  Project bids are submitted by prospective freelancers directly to the employers, enabling employers to have an efficient timeline to assemble a team initiate and complete a project. Outsourcing contract work for adult porn sites has never been easier.

Freelance web and marketing professionals in the adult industry finally have a job site with established, reputable employers, steady projects and secure payment.  Gone are the days were payment was questionable, employers could only rarely be contacted, fees for networking sites were through the roof and work were anything but steady.

At, freelance marketing professionals in the adult porn industry can register online within minutes and access a variety of projects requiring web design, programming, writing, software development, videography or photography skills.  With these projects, freelancers are assured of a secure payment and the potential opportunity of new and repeat customers.  In addition, freelancers can search for projects that are suitable for them and not have to worry about searching through hundreds of jobs that are inapplicable. offers the opportunity for Adult Industry freelances to build and expand their professional portfolios while working projects that suit their skills, availability and flexibility.

 About is committed to providing a quality freelance job portal for employers and freelance professionals in the adult porn industry. offers the most talented web design and marketing professionals in the adult porn industry today, along with established and reputable employers. offers providers and employers flexibility, cost effective projects and instant access to numerous projects and talent.

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